Trauma Feelz

Trauma has been gaining wider understanding since the collective impacts of COVID19. I share my own trauma challenges and my perspectives on navigating trauma, kia oraaaa fam.

An interview with my inner critic 

NSFC: We are not born with an inner critical voice. We are not born with a voice at all. We develop our consciousness and our internal narrative over time, taking cues from the people and environment around us.

Caitlyn Taylor talks Yoga Wankers

Melbourne Yogi, Caitlyn Taylor, unpacks how the western yoga industry became so wanky; but offers strategies on how to cut through the wank and enjoy the practice as intended.

Healing Burnout

Talking about burnout & mental health + opened the feelz hotline for the first time in yonks. visit https://feelzpod.com/burnout for the blog& more feelz via https://linktr.ee/feelzpodcast

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This shit got me in my feelings.